Hello, my name is Soleil. Welcome home to your self.


how do you know if you are Self-empowered?

  • Self-empowerment is truly feeling centred from within and in alignment with your soul and your highest purpose on this planet.

  • It is loving and cherishing your self, your soul and your body.

  • You know you are self-empowered, when emotions that arise move through you very quickly and you accept and release them without making a story about them.

  • When you trust the universe and your higher self deeply

  • When fear has left you and you feel deeply connected with your self and all that is on this planet

  • You know there is a divine purpose for everything

  • You embody your wisdom and live authentically with it

  • Your ego has moved aside and now is a servant of your heart

  • Miraculous things happen and much synchronicity occurs. You are the co-creator of you life.

  • You let go of control and surrender to your infinite soul wisdom which has things already sorted

  • you live in possibity not problem

  • you are always seeking more - more love, more awareness, more consiousness

  • you are not trying to escape your body. You realise it is the one who allows you to lay on the grass, eat yummy food and watch an amazing sunset, so you treat it with adoration and appreciation

You were born knowing your path and having access to your inner wisdom, but often this has been squashed out of you and you no longer trust it.

I can help you get this power and trust back.

When we are in alignment with our inner vision, life is smooth and amazing. If we are out of alignment we feel tired, lost, drained and unhappy. Sometimes we even get physically ill from it.

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Why do i do this?

I LOVE THIS WORK because I am passionate about seeing you and everyone else blossom and be self-empowered to make the world a more loving and truly happy place. You are awesome already. I know that. This is your chance to shine even more. I believe your soul always leads you to the next thing to help you grow and open up even further to love and that you have amazing wisdom inside.

I bring my extensive years of experience in this work to help you gain the clarity, skills, strategies and support you need to connect with your heart, trust in your inner guidance, know your path and live it authentically. I am doing it myself and I will help you find YOUR way.

My aim is to assist you to trust in your own wisdom and be the only authority in your life. Then you can live your purpose, passion, and find that peace, love and contentment you have always searched for - from within yourself.

Miraculous things can occur when someone believes in and supports you and you believe in yourself.

Is this for me you ask?

Many of my clients are 'successful' in their lives and able to do amazing things, but still not feeling fully happy, content or worthy.  Is that you?

The Self empowerment star

The Self empowerment star

If this resonates with you and you want to be more self-empowered too, please click here to go to the empower page to see how you can connect with me. For those interested in formal qualifications or more about me, please click here.

I look forward to walking with you in life's amazing adventure, love