Everyone needs Someone

Everything I do is motivated by my desire to help as many people as possible shine their light and happiness on the world, through personal mentoring and programs that are practical, heart centred and with simple truths and wisdom that works. I know this because I have applied it in my life and over the 30+ years I have been doing this work with others. You've heard of core stability for your physical body? Well self-empowerment is core stability for your whole life.

Congratulations on investing the time to check out what I can offer you. Its good to see that you are honoring yourself. 

Those who come from a place of love and stand for what they believe, inspire us to follow. They are the ones who shine. So let's shine!!

MY passion is our happiness

One of my talents has always been the ability to sift through huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom and condense this into manageable, practical and effective steps to achieve visions. So my aim with mentoring and the online program is to offer you the benefit of my experience and my wisdom to provide you with:


  • how to define and identify the now, your heart and soul's dream and how to get there

  • how to have a clear mind and openness to your intuition and inner guidance

  • how to believe in and trust what is calling you from deep within


  • Practical guidance on how to increase your self empowerment, happiness and sense of alignment within yourself

  • How to appreciate and believe in yourself- not just from an intellectual perspective.

  • How to never accept mediocrity and never compromise on your deepest desires

  • How to shift out of unhelpful habits and attitudes and develop new ones

  • how to apply your visions and wisdom in a practical way


  • Through regular mentoring sessions and email support

  • Through my online program: Empowered to Happiness (E2H)

  • Through my book "Your 4 week mind body spirit tune-up"

What others have said about soleil:

"I wanted to sincerely thank you for your time and kindness to me throughout our sessions together. You have provided me with immense professional and personal insight into myself" - Kathy

"I always go on such a journey with you. I get so much out of it. Thanks heaps for being such a tender person and also for making me laugh" – Tamara

"You have been so engaging to work with and I have appreciated all the help and advice you have provided to me” - Veronica

"Thanks for sharing your wisdom, sense of humour and generosity of spirit" - Louise

"Your energy and resourcefulness is inspiring"- Patrice

"Soleil excels in all areas. She is honest and energetic, highly skilled and enthusiastic, using her extraordinary abilities as a creative, thoughtful and innovative mentor. She inspires others and is one of those rare people with whom one works from time to time, for whom one can confidently write an unconditional testimonial" Andrew (CEO of a company with over 350 staff)

Self Empowerment options

there are FOUR options to join with me:

  1. face to face mentoring with via Skype or zoom or in person. ( the premier option tailored to you)

  2. online self-empowerment program " Empowered 2 Happiness" (for those who like to go at their own pace and time and are comfortable with an online platform)

  3. My book - "Your 4 Week Mind Body Spirit Tune-up" (for those who want to start small and see how they go)- available as a downloadable PDF or Kindle version from Amazon.

Personal coaching & mentoring

The journey into your deepest heart and soul longings is a courageous and miraculous one and not for the faint hearted, however, if you are reading this, I am totally sure you can do it.

My coaching and mentoring is tailor made for you. We will work together to connect you into your own unique talents and gifts, your hearts desires and help you find a deep love for yourself. A vital part of this is removing the barriers that have been getting in the way of you shining. I like to call it 'removing the clouds from your sun'.

Questions about me? please click here: You can also listen to an interveiw on the welcome page.

how DO we start?

If you are passionate about your journey and would like to work with me, make contact below and we can have a short Skype/zoom call to feel out  how we could work together.

During this exchange, I will assist you to leave with:

  • an increased awareness of your current situation & some of the hidden barriers to living the life you dream of

  • one next step you can take

  • renewed inspiration for pursuing your passions

At this point there are 2 options: you are happy with that and want to give it a whirl on your own, or we decide to work further together to support you in making it a reality. Either way is ok. I want to work with people who are ready to take action in their lives and make a committment long term to their growth and evolvement.

what happens next?

After our chat and once we decide to go ahead you will be asked to sign up for the mentoring starter program of 3 months. The reason for this is when you are first getting started on your goal or vision,  both research and my experience have shown it is vital to have support for the first three months and it also shows you are committed to the changes you are seeking.  Sometimes when we are shaking up our life, we can feel de-stabilized or fall into self doubt, and if you have let that stop you before you will know what I am talking about. This is an unfolding process that constantly shifts and changes if you are applying what arises for you to work through.

In our first 90 minute session we will explore and identify:

  • your personal visions and how to tell if they really are yours,

  • values and wishes,

  • how the mentoring process works – modes of working together

  • our roles in the process – co-creators, focus, committment, time

  • how you best like to learn,

  • what strengths you bring through in your life

  • what is in the way of you achieving your visions

  • plus much more. At the end we will be well on the way to having a personalised blueprint for you and a clearer understanding of where we are starting from.  

During our coaching and mentoring we work through any barriers and blocks and you have the benefit of wisdom and a sounding board, ideas, tools and support. Your commitment and dedication to taking action will be required as we all know that without being proactive, nothing changes.  As things arise we can shape and shift things to facilitate your continued growth and soul expansion. It is about remembering what you came here on this planet to do.

3 month Starter Program $3219


  • 6 tailored 90 min sessions

  • identifying your unique talents and gifts, strengths and hidden abilities

  • clarifying your values, vision and purpose

  • individualised and tailored strategies for self empowerment just for you

  • handouts and written support

  • tailored and co-created plan to set you up in working towards your visions and making them reality

  • email support

  • membership of the private mentoring face book group

  • a copy of my book to gift to a friend

All fees are payable in advance to ensure your place as spaces will not be held for you otherwise.

Following the starter program you become eligible to work with me monthly.

monthly program


  • 2 x 60 minute tailored sessions and

  • regular email support

fee: $997 payable in advance

how to connect

To arrange our chat session please fill out the form below. When filling out the fields please enter the country code in front of your mobile number. There are limited spots available each week. Hopefully you will not have to wait too long.

I hope you give this gift to yourself and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Online Program - "empowered to happiness" (E2H)

My 3 month online program "Empowered to Happiness" gives you the option of working through the self-empowerment process by yourself, with the added advantage of video, audio and practical exercises. Here is what you will get: 


when i have the time I love facilitating workshops. the face to face group dynamic is so powerful and there is so much more we can do as a group. Creative and fun exercises, sharing with like minded others and liberating ourselves in a safe space.

Some comments from attendees at workshops and retreats:

"a wonderful facilitator who touches the heart"

"a gentle, inspiring and grounding influence"

"a wise, vibrant & kind facilitator"

‘"Warm and engaging- the most skilled facilitator I’ve come across"

For Upcomingworkshops please see the events page. Workshops vary in price according to length, location and topic.

Book - Your 4 week mind body spirit tune-up

In my private work over many years I found certain exercises and tools were useful to most clients. In my easy to read and follow workbook, I have used these exercises to create a transformational program you can work through either over 4 weeks or at your own pace. you are in charge!

This is for if you are a self starter and know you can discipline yourself to work through a workbook. Please note that I only provide mentoring if you have already had a chat with me and we have decided to work together. You can always arrange to have your chat at any time. The book is a one size fits all and some people may need more than this to support them through.


This practical workbook is 119 pages full of great information and exercises to step you through the changes you would like to make.

If you have been diligent in following the exercises, upon completion of the 4 week program, you will find you have:

  • a clearer mind and direction for your life

  • a cleaner, healthier body and sense of well being

  • more focus and connection with your inner wisdom.

  • less stress, more peace, tolerance and acceptance of life,

  • more self knowledge and be happier with your choices from now on

week 1 - Climbing out of the rut

  • Where am I now?

  • What do I really want?

  • My body - Part 1.

  • Emotional Detox - part 1.

week 2 - Dusting Off

  • The Plan.

  • My body - part 2.

  • Menu suggestions

  • Emotional Detox part 2.

  • Spiritual discovery

  • Tapping into your creative energy

week 3 - off and running

  • Self-Nurturing

  • The art of Balance.

  • Manifesting.

  • Listening to your intuition.

  • Feeling like you belong.

Week 4- Integration and Connection

  • Money Matters

  • My body, Part 3

  • staying focussed

  • feeling the energy around you

  • finding your Ohana

You can purchase both in PDF version for AUD$25 by clicking below or in kindle version on Amazon - https://empowered2happiness.com/blog/for a much reduced cost by following the read a sample button above. Enjoy and good luck. Let me know how you go.