Empowered to happiness

"Empowered to Happiness" is a life-changing program that incorporates the guidance you need to start living your dreams.

Over 30 years worth of experience, research, skills and knowledge has gone into creating this for you and for the world in the hope that hearts will blossom, and people will be empowered to shine their brightest for themselves and others. You have all you need inside of you to bloom like the most gorgeous flower and this program will help you find it.

The program will guide you towards being truly happy with yourself, because when we have that, we have true empowerment and this opens doorways to abundance and synchronicity in your life. It allows you to shine and live your passions.  

The hard work of putting it together into simple, practical and sequential steps has been done, and the wisdom it contains is the result of capturing the essence of what we need to become self-empowered and happy from the inside out.  If you are an enthusiastic, optimistic person who is willing to do the work and make changes, you will get the most out of this program.

I hope you invest in yourself and your dreams, and join me in uplifting the world.


3 practical and easy to achieve modules that you can access in your own time and pace with our own unique login. This includes:

  • Videos

  • Audio - for a free sample of the audios click here

    Practical exercises

  • Worksheets

  • Tips and tricks

The program will support and engage you on all levels to confidently move forward in your life.



  1. reflect - where you are now and finding the hidden parts of yourself that are sabotaging or preventing you from living to your fullest, identifying unhelpful beliefs blocks and barriers

  2. release - letting go of the old to make way for the new, creating space for joy and happiness

  3. repair - healing your heart and loving yourself

  4. relax - how to relax with the process of life on a daily basis, giving up control


  1. reconnect - reconnecting with your values and deepest purpose

  2. reclaim - owning your true power and where this comes from

  3. redefine - finding the paint and painting your own picture of where and who you want to be in the world

  4. reshape - your outlook, action steps to get you further towards your dreams


  1. rehearse- creating new habits and daily supportive strategies

  2. re-unify - starting to integrate these on a daily basis and what can support you in this

  3. renew - staying focussed and connecting with your purpose each day

  4. re-engage - embarking on your new adventure with the shinier more authentic you who has connected in with their higher self and are in alignment with your intuition and purpose.

Your investment for the course is


Once you purchase your course, you will be emailed your unique username and password and the link to gain access. You may download everything at once and work at your own pace. If you have any questions or feedback or concerns, please email us and we will respond usually within a couple of hours - depending on where you are in the world.

If you would like to know any more about this powerful and life changing course, please contact me below and I will respond promptly. It is so exciting, scary and amazing to go on this journey and I glad to be here to support you.

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