Instructions for the E2H program

I’m so glad you have done this for yourself. My name is Soleil and I will be guiding you through the program with video, audio and simple but powerful exercises that when completed, will change your life. I’m so excited to see you blossom even more.

Everything is in manageable chunks for you to complete as fast or slow as you wish. We all have other facets to our lives so be gentle and kind to yourself if you have to go slow sometimes.

All the Activities follow in a sequence, so it is important to do them in order if possible. We are all busy people so you will find that the reading required is only what is needed to explain the context of an activity. The emphasis is on practical application so you can achieve results as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that sometimes when we are making changes in our lives it is like shaking up the snow globe and things sometimes feel they are getting worse before they get better. This happens because we are exposing old belief systems, attitudes and experiences that need clearing. Sometimes this can hurt or be uncomfortable on the way out but the result is way worth it so when you feel like quitting, keep going but slow down your pace and be gentle with yourself. If you find that you have strong emotions coming up and need some support to release these safely, then please seek the assistance of an experienced counsellor to help you with this. Sometimes when we are learning to love ourselves more we have to feel how little we may have been loved previously, so don’t try to battle through alone if you need some extra support.

You are your own amazing self-discovery project and think of this program as helping you to clear away the dust to expose the beautiful treasure underneath.

Each module will start with an introduction video and will also have some audio and Activity sheets that you can print or save to your computer and fill in. We will be building your visions and giving you the tools you need to bring them to life.

Once again, thank you for joining me and honouring yourself. I wish you joy and happiness and the strength and motivation to shine as the bright star you are.

Love and light    Soleil


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Module 1


WEEK 1 - Reflect

Where am I now

Wellness wheel

My blocks and barriers

My core values

MP3- affirmations

WEEK 2 - Release

Expressing your truth

Releasing outdated beliefs

Releasing judgements

MP3 – self acceptance, release emotions – energy in motion- allow and move on, accepting what arises, mind creates your reality. it is how you look at what is happening that causes suffering or not

WEEK 3 - Repair

Letting go – of stuff

Saying no – being authentic

Getting creative

MP3 – Awareness, intuition and higher self, Self love- what is it? How do you do it? Trust in bigger

WEEK 4 - Relax

Breathe deep and slow

Moving meditation


MP3- breathing guided meditation to music, being in the moment- stillness and intuition, you are worthy, intuition is your own authority. Take direction from this, be here now mantra

module 2




WEEK 5 - Reconnect

Connecting & experiencing

Random acts of kindness

Connecting to your source

MP3 - reconnect

WEEK 6 - Reclaim

Tapping into your passion


Power within

MP3- visualisation of outcomes – feelings, tapping into what energises you, what your heart wants, your inner power that can shine through, your unique gifts, living your truth

WEEK 7- Redefine

Meaningful money

Attitude of gratitude – my abundance

MP3 - happiest moment you remember- why ingredients. You don’t need money to be happy, alignment with your values and heart = happy, Money

WEEK 8 - Reshape

Mapping the ground – action steps

MP3- let go of the need to control or understand, everything reveals itself in the perfect moment.

WEEK 9 - Rehearse


Who am I with reflection

MP3 – my happiest moment

WEEK 10 - Re-unify

Asking for help

Living from heart centred consciousness

Self care – Gentleness, Kindness, Authenticity

Were you a role model today for your highest values?

MP3- you are the love you seek

WEEK 11 - Renew

awareness – something towards your goals each moment day - Relaxed inspired action,

Do something different each day to shift stuck patterns- new patterns can then become old ones.. 20 seconds of courage

Why are you having a great day? Do more of this

MP3 – living as the highest most loving version of your self

WEEK 12 - Re-engage

Living self empowered – checklist – how are you doing? Make new action plan - Is what you are doing getting you closer to your goal and in alignment with your values?

Look after the temple of your soul – physical health and nutrition

MP3- Power comes from living closest to the heart