Inspirational channelled Art

the first part of the gallery is of some of my paintings

the second part is some silk painting and

the third is some of my line drawings.

my wish is always for my art to uplift and transform those who encounter it. There seems to be an energy in each painting. some will speak to you. Others will not.

Art comes through me. My intuition tells me to sit in front of a blank canvas or piece of silk and just start. Then things appear as I work in meditation. When the art is finished, i ask it what it wants to be called and a name comes to me.

Dots for some reason often come through. The paintings usually want to be painted quickly and I have to bypass my wish for things to be perfect and just follow the pace that comes. It’s always an adventure! I usually have no attachment to anything that is created and dont look at them after they are done. With that said, I do have a few favorites that adorn my bedroom.


If you would like to purchase some of my art you can head over to where there are a variety of different products you can buy featuring my art.