The Manipulation of Romance

Romance is a multi-billion dollar industry – flowers, weddings, chocolates, cards, dinners, grand expensive gestures. It keeps us externally focussed on someone else satisfying the aspects within ourselves that we have not yet developed. We yearn to merge with another which is really the yearning to fully merge and integrate with ourselves. The commercial focus on romance and expectations of what this means keeps us disempowered to focus on ourselves and our own inner happiness and love.

Apology to the Australian Aboriginals

I wish to apologise to all the aboriginal people past present and future for the massacres, trespasses, misunderstandings, sense of entitlement, arrogance and misdemeanours of the white people who’s hearts were veiled and who’s minds were clouded and asleep. I especially apologise to the Ningy Ningy people on whos land I reside.

I ask for forgiveness from the aboriginal people for these trespasses of the past and also ask for their belief in the changing landscape of the white people as many are awakening and open hearted. Many are now also feeling a deep connection to the land and an understanding of the serpent creation story and what this actually means spiritually.

I send love to the land, the ancestors and all those no longer here, including the animals and birds of land, ocean and sky.

May healing take place for all.

With love Soleil